Missouri deer hunting in comfort and affordably priced for all hunters

Green Treez Outdoors tries to make your stay as comfortable as possible, but also tries to keep the costs low, so we can pass it on to our customers. We want to keep our hunts affordable for the average hunter, who really would like to take a trip, but doesn’t have a large budget. We think that you will find most of the same amenities that you have at home.

We have full air conditioning and forced air furnace to keep the temperature very cozy, plus we have a full bathroom with toilet and shower. Our complete kitchen is ready for with a fridge, microwave, stove, oven, coffee maker and a full set of kitchenware. We also have a dryer for drying clothes and scent rejuvenation.

For entertainment we have satellite TV and a DVD player in the main room, plus there is a TV in both bedrooms. Each bedroom is equipped with a set of bunk beds and mattresses.

Our bedrooms all have locking doors for your complete privacy.

Our living/sleeping quarters are equipped to hold 5-6 hunters, but rarely have more than 3 people in camp at time as we are not a big corporate hunting service and we like the one on one time we get with each hunter.

Our deer camp has a secluded location at the end of a dead end road, on the top of a huge hill with amazing views of the 320 acre parcel that it sits on. The camp also happens to be located on one of our best hunting properties, which makes for a real short trip to the stand, if you are hunting this property. It’s not rare to be kicking back at camp relaxing and see some really nice deer walking through the woods!

For hunt info and availability call Drew at 763-381-2190 or email us