Hunt Information

The important things you need to know for deer hunting in Missouri are:

All permits are readily available over the counter at most sporting goods stores, gas stations, Walmart’s or online, there is no need for preference points or lotteries.
What to Bring to Deer Camp – Printable list
MO Deer Hunting Essentials
Online Deer Hunting Permits

All semi-guided deer hunts last an entire 5 days; that means 5 mornings and 5 nights.

A semi-guided deer hunt means that we have put in a lot of work for you so you don't have too. With a little luck, all you will have to do is crawl up in the stand and wait. Some people like to do a little self-guiding... that is great; often times the more aggressive of a hunter you are the higher your success rate.

We have already scouted for the best properties. We have put out cameras and from our pictures and data collected have strategically placed our deer stands in high travel areas. We have also placed several observation stands on properties so you can hunt as well as pattern the movement. We have created mineral sites and installed food plots to draw in and keep deer on our properties all year long!

Not to mention the antler growth benefits from having proper nutrients and mineral available all year long. We have made topographical maps for each property that include stands, trails and entry points.

All trails have been marked with ribbon or reflective tape, so finding your stand is easy.

The majority of our stands are ladder stands. They are the easiest to get in and out of and are generally more comfortable for longer sits. We also have hang on stands in spots where ladder stands are non-conducive to the surroundings and a few box blinds for gun season.

All of our stands are annually inspected and proper maintenance performed for safety. We trim shooting lanes throughout the growing season to insure your shot will be clear when that big buck does come through!

When you arrive at deer camp we will show you the topographical map of the property, or properties, that you will be hunting and go over the latest deer movement. If time allows we will show you to the property you’ll be deer hunting on so you can get a feel where you will be going in the morning. You may even be able to sit on the stand for a few hours that night. You will be responsible for getting yourself up in the morning and transporting yourself to the property.

The rest is up to you!

For hunt info and availability call Drew at 763-381-2190 or email us